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Fantasy Ikea Shelves

I'm a bit addicted these little interactive 3D models. Give me time, I'll get over it.

In our new flat we have this mezzanine bed with a yellow ladder leading up to it. Between the ladder and the wardrobe we had this kind of triangular space that we wanted to use for more storage. After doing a quick design on paper I started mocking something up.

The first try.

I got quite far with this version before realised I hade made a terrible error, somewhere on my scratch pad of calculations I had written something like “1700 - 36 = 1404”! After taking a few days to mourn the lost effort I decided to make a better plan to avoid making similar mistakes. I used the CAD model to generate a set of cutting plans that I could print out and take to the workshop.

After messing up the measurments on the first iteration, I went back and myself a nice CAD model to take measurements from while cutting.

In this new version I opted to make the sided panels out of solid sheets of 18mm pine plywood, it made the final object heavier but they were much easier to cut on the table saw. The extra weight was probably a good thing, in place it feels pleasantly heavy and sturdy.

From the CAD model, it's quite easy to make nice plans for each piece.
I really like the line drawn aesthetic, reminds me a lot of Ikea construction plans.
The final shelves in their new home!